My first encounter with OCPD was up so close.

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My sister is a first-hand victim of OCPD abuse. As a witness to this struggle, I lived with her for 7 years during this period of my college years. And it still sends shivers down my spine to imagine what she went through, her emotional weakening, and finally, her claiming her life back.

Is OCPD Narcissistic, are they OCDs, and do they sometimes have Paranoid personality disorder?

Yes, for all three and, in fact, more. OCPD is one of the most complex personality disorders to live with and the hardest to cure. …

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Is there such a thing as an accidental millionaire?

I have been obsessed with the idea of wealth(not simply money). Wealth, for me, is assets that compound in value exponentially and effortlessly after a certain threshold. It all started with one question. If a human being, who has access to the same resources as I am, how is it that they can grow exponential wealth while I was not? Is it in my mindset? Or is there more to it?

I went on fanatical research about wealth. I read and re-read books written exclusively on wealth, interviewed entrepreneurs, formed my…

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Growing businesses need to focus on getting one thing right. Which is to get their financials done well with a clear plan for the long haul.

When dealing with many small businesses, we have seen that they focus on achieving profits very early on, even while ignoring another critical aspect of finance, which is to sustain the everyday operations of a company with a healthy cash flow.

One of the fundamental aspects of a business that investors look for, before they invest in a business is the cash flow statement. …

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Are you aspiring to be an entrepreneur? Well, congratulations and welcome on board a very long, arduous, and grueling yet exciting journey.

Before you question my credibility to write this blog, let me upfront answer that question. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and a marketer, and I work with and for many entrepreneurs. I inherited a family business with no background or academic knowledge on how to run a food chain. And in this journey of nearly seven years, after a lot of struggle and ridiculous mistakes, I finally see some silver lining. I work for a technology startup, so…

Long until I started working for a startup, and until I had experience running my business ventures, I had a very different understanding of the sales and marketing cycle.

I had a sequential diagram in my mind about the process, which went like this:

Take care of your mental health before any mental issue arises

What I Learned From My Near Ones’ Mental Health Issues
What I Learned From My Near Ones’ Mental Health Issues
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I do not know whether it is me or some strange coincidence. I have happened to be in close quarters with people plagued by mental issues.

My father battled depression since I was a teen. I have vivid memories of him when one day, all of a sudden, he refused to step out of the house. Luckily, he was an entrepreneur who was chasing multiple pursuits; hence we were financially doing alright.

But it took us months of medication and treatment to get him back on his feet and go back to work again. And the cycle did not stop…

What are you selling to me!

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There is an intriguing quote on entrepreneurs by Reid Hoffman that is to date viral on social media — “Entrepreneurs jump off a cliff and build parachutes on their way down”. That defines the spirit of the entrepreneurial tribe. Entrepreneurs are people that are rooted in their purpose and looking to create rather than to adapt. Entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs once said, are the crazy ones that think they are here to change the world.

I have a big circle of entrepreneurs around me. While I myself am a half baked one, I am closely associated…

An accidental writer, a fountain of energy, indefinite optimism and imagination.

About me

I am a dreamer. I live a lot in the mental plane as much as I do in the practical plane. I spend hours and hours imagining, talking to myself and to people that I have imagined in my mind. I imagine situations and keep talking in my head. Sometimes I talk it out so loud that people actually think i am insane.

But thats fine. I love language, communication and conversations. I am an extreme extrovert and i draw my energy from people, crowd and all…

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Are you all excited about the new year coming in just around the corner? When I talk to customers and fellow business patrons, everyone is rejoicing the passing away of 2020. Like how the world would have celebrated the death of Hitler. Like how the world is celebrating Trump finally leaving the white house. The dawn of 2021 seems to be the most exciting event of our times.

If you are anything like me, you would definitely be considering an investment in a planner. I have always been one of the first to buy the fanciest planner…

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Marketing is a killer art in persuasion. Great marketers know proven techniques in persuasion, relate it to human psychology and behavior and beat it to conversion. Marketing is also the art of speaking to the lazy brain and getting it to act without a lot of thinking.

Research shows that contrary to popular belief, customers do not spend much time thinking or researching while buying into a product. If you looked around your house or your recent list of all shopping list, I can vouch that there are at least 10% to 20% in that list you bought that you…

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