Success is in basics done right — Part II

In my last blog, i had called out three basic principles as the foundational element of success and they were:

Appeal to the human gut to garner support, material motivation does not last.

There is something called luck which is built with people and by giving.

Build on values (the why) to accomplish big results and big money

If interested in reading in detail, refer to my previous blog on this topic:

Continuing on the next set of principles i am learning to be at work in successful leaders lives:

4) Radiate Energy

No, I am not talking about some self help “Secret” law of attraction energy here. I am talking about very basic state of being in a highly energetic and a positive frame of mind, most part of the life. The big difference that successful leaders seems to bring in is hope. The hope for the better, greater, newer tomorrow conveyed convincingly to millions people.

Imagine this. When eating a particular type of food, temperature matters. When drinking soda or a chilled frappe, there is a world of difference that the highly elevated chilled temperature brings in. When drinking coffee, the hot temperature matters in elevating the flavor. Without the right temperature, the taste of the food is ruined and is never the same.

Energy does to a mission and communication, what temperature does to food. And it is impossible to wing energy without it coming from deep within. Leaders are positive and eccentrically energetic about the cause, the mission and the results. It seems very crucial to find what bubbles up energy in us and align with it. Prolonged happiness is an essential element to success. Complete alignment of thoughts, purpose and actions seems to result in an extraordinary revealing of energy. Successful people seems to know this.

Not happy? It is fine. Choose happiness rather than expecting to feel happiness. Emotions & reactions are a choice. Leaders choose happiness in every situation.

5) Words Matter

Have you ever been in a meeting where two people say the exact same thing, however everyone listens to one and does not understand what the other person said?

Many a times, it seems that successful people just echo or repeat what another person said, but in a more precise way that it fits the context. And in a way that the audience can receive it well. This may look like copying another person’s idea but the choice of words is a very essential skill. To be able to frame an opinion to a context and for the audience is key.

When a new product is launched, what goes together is also the market for which the product is being launched. For instance, launching a high fashion clothing for an absolutely rural under developed market in a poor Indian village? Well you can try, but one is better off having that money in savings rather than spending it unwisely.

It is important to speak to be heard and seen as relevant. And that is where leaders have great perspective. When choosing words and tone, leaders seem to do extra ordinary home work in controlling the same with an extra ordinary skill to deliver to the audience and for the context.

6) Push for Unity, be selfless

Success in big audacious goals seems to be in the power of numbers. In the jungle book, it is evident that animals move in packs. I have observed that animal instinct has it to understand the power of domination through large numbers. To defend territory, to conquer the enemy and to safeguard oneself. Unfortunately some elements have evolved today in the name of quick success that divide and rule.

Long lasting success avoids friction and negativity by using the cause for unity and solidarity in the team to achieve the end goal. Engaging in lop sided tactics that pits one group against the other, provides a short term success but in the end comes haunting back to the one that perpetuated it. Internal divisions and splits can cause major deviation towards minor issues taking away the collective focus towards the goal.

True leadership is in not encouraging division for one’s personal interest but also in encouraging collective efforts towards achieving a common goal. It is the truest form of selflessness and success seems to be hidden somewhere in that selflessness.

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